10 Tips To Do First After Buying A New Smart phone.

Hold on guys if you are going to buy a new smartphone then this article is for you, in this article I will show you the Top 10 Things/tips To Do First After Buying A New Smart phone, so let’s start and this article will make your life easier after buying a new phone.

UNBOX With video recording

This is very important for you guess do video recording before unboxing your smartphone, many people don’t do this thing

You unbox the phone without don’t any video recording and if your phone has any damages and problems, and if the shopkeeper refused to take back your phone without any proof and you may also have to face many questions while giving back your phone then you will regret that why I didn’t make a video

And if you unbox the phone and do video recording while unboxing and if the phone has any problems then you have the proof and can claim the refund or change the phone.

Check box contents

After unboxing many people play with their phones and don’t put any focus on their other box contents.

you have to read and check box contents in videos & on the box (written) because in some cases there can be missing products in the box-like cover, charger & earphones, etc, and one important thing you should always check your warranty card and warranty information in the box.

And if there are some missing items in the box then return the phone to the shop and take the new one.

Sometimes it happens that the charger turns out to be fake and make sure to check the full box contents after buying the phone.

Bootup and charging out of box

After unboxing the phone many people took their phone and using it this is wrong because we don’t know how many days it will be lying in your box after testing in the factory,

And remains the 10 to 20% battery in most phones, so if you bought it then took out your phone from the box and put it on the charge and when it gets full then you can use it.

Transfer data

I think you know about this phone tips but it’s still important you the data transfer, yes you should do data transfer from your old android/ios to new android/ios (Whatsapp, contacts, events, messages, and photos) and I don’t have to give you a tutorial because it’s very simple and you can transfer your data in one click so it’s very simple (you can watch tutorials).

And remember don’t forget this point.

Delete unwanted/bloatware apps

After booting up your phone open the setting, open apps management, and check what See from which unwanted apps and uninstall them you are seeing, sometimes they are also from brands and they are also there which we can not even uninstall so disable them because these apps are junk and increase your storage also.

Important tip:- Whatever companies are there, don’t use their own app store (not talking about ios app store) because they have unwanted ads, unnecessary recommendations come and they install apps in the background too, you don’t even know so use play store its a way way better app installer.

Software updates

If you buy a phone from any sale or else you should always check the software updates on your new phone because before updates it could be some problems or bugs so you should definitely keep up to date your phone.

Secure your phone

After buying your new phone don’t give it to somebody or your friends because we don’t know what they are doing with your new phone so put a strong password on your phone.

Back case and screen guard

When you have done unboxing, many other brands do not provide back cases, screen guard does not provide, then you also buy good quality back case and screen guard from your side it’s a one-time investment it will make safe your phone (phone tips).

Find my phone

And after getting a new phone, definitely do this thing in your phone, go to the settings, you will get the option of find my phone and enable it.

And you cant find this option in your settings then go to the play store and install the find my phone app from google and connect it with your account this app is important because if your new phone gets lost or steal then you can track or erase the data of your phone and if this is a really good app if you forgot your phone then you can ring it also so that is also an important thing.

Follow brands

Last but not least you have to remember friends, whenever you got a new phone, the brand of which your phone is, be sure to follow the social media and website of that brand & follow their communities also.

Because regarding phone it gets new updates to keep (coming updates come any hidden feature comes) so that you will know what is going to happen with your phone and what is happening so you will stay updated so memorize this phone tips.

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