Apple AirPods 3 | best earpods ever?

Friends, these are the Apple AirPods 3, they basically come between the AirPods Pro & AirPods 2nd generation and Apple launched these airpods at Rs 18.5K in India & we have them here, We’ll quickly unbox it & tell you everything about them.


There’s documentation first, then you have the case, we’ll open them in a bit and there’s a cable at the bottom & it’s a USB Type C to lightning cable, so the port is a lightning port which is bad as it should’ve been USB Type C.


As usual, it’s a very good quality hard plastic & is lightweight and the case is the same as the AirPods Pro or like the AirPods 2nd generation without any difference.

Ports & Buttons

Below, you get a lightning port for charging & then on the back you have a pairing button and I’ve been using AirPods Pro since last year & this white case colour gets scratches by keeping it flat on the table.

The white starts to wear out in some days so keep that in mind so If you have a case then to put on the actual case, then use it, else this case will get damaged.

And you can open it easily & then you have this LED indicator on the front and You can see it flash after opening the case.

They’re very lightweight, I was expecting them to be a bit heavy & big.

If you compare them with the AirPods Pro or even the AirPods 2nd generation, then the stem has become smaller, overall, the size too is on the smaller side.


This’ll be about 10g (5g each) and with that, I’d say it’s a total of about 40-47g with the case.


If you compare it with the Pro or the AirPods 2, then it has the maximum battery and on a single charge, you get a 6 hour playback time and with the case, you get 30 hours of playback time, so that’s the best for the AirPods.

And it also has fast charging support & it’s faster if you compare it and You can charge it for 5 minutes & you’ll get 1 hour of playback time.


Well, Apple never mentions the driver size that they’ve used but we’ll have to listen to the music & see and it also supports Spatial Audio, so that’s very good.

In-Ear Fitting

The rubber tips have an advantage, they fit very snugly & don’t fall when you’re running/doing some activities.

Not with this one, because the grip on the rubber isn’t present here, this is smooth plastic & you’ll have to struggle a lot so If you’re running, it’ll feel like they’re coming out so, in terms of fit, they’re ok.

But I’ll say that if you compare it with the AirPods 2, these feel much better in your ears and the shape & all is much better, it’s not going to cause you discomfort.

Many of them cause discomfort but I think this isn’t too bad and I haven’t used it enough but they’re quite good actually in fact, Apple says, it adapts to the shape of your ears and then it produces audio according to that.


Let’s quickly pair & see if anything pops up, but now let’s set it up, so they’re now paired and there’s another interesting thing about the AirPods 3rd gen, its detection system is a little different.

Generally, Android’s detection systems are based on IR or Infrared but these actually detect your skin and Many times they start working while they’re in your pocket but not with these ones.

It needs to stick to skin & only then do they work, so that’s very good! They’re small, but important things.


Let’s play some music and friends remember, I use the AirPods Pro so I know its sound signature & quality, so I’ll compare it with them.

Like I said, that they support spatial audio & you can even turn it on/off, it makes a difference and It’s not a lot but you get more of a surround sound, it’s slightly more of about 20-25%.

In terms of audio, it’s balanced, It’s not like most of our tested TWS’ that is bass-heavy and in Indian conditions, people like more bass, but not with these AirPods. This is balanced.

I never felt like the vocals are inaudible due to the bass many times the bass shadows it but not with this one, it’s balanced, whether they’re the highs/lows/mids, all 3 are clearly heard, It’s excellent in terms of clarity.

The quality, compared to the AirPods Pro is about 75-80% and remember, these are my first impressions. I haven’t used them enough and I was just listening to them for a while.

And talking about them on that basis, it comes near to the AirPods Pro and the big difference that I feel is the ANC! You don’t get ANC in these AirPods – No active noise cancellation, that you get in AirPods Pro which is priced at Rs 25K.

These are priced at Rs 18.5K, while the Pro is priced at Rs 25K.

Touch Controls

I was just trying them out & they work well and If you tap once, they play/pause, there’s a long press for Siri & you’ll have to command.

But there’s a small thing here, when you put them on, the flat surface that needs to be touched goes inside and You basically have to put your hand inside for controls that make them loose & they might fall off.

So while the touch controls work well, there’s a slight drawback!


There’s IPX4 certification & you shouldn’t have any problems wearing them in the rain and there’s MagSafe charging support meaning you can put them on a magnetic charging pad to charge.

There’s no low latency mode but as for connectivity, you get Bluetooth 5.0 and a small thing, there’s the Find My feature which helps you find it, It’s small & might get lost so the Find My feature helps you out.

That’s what the AirPods 3 are! According to me, its highlight is its battery is very good compared to others and compared to AirPods Pro, there’s no ANC in it the fit I’d say is ok and the audio quality is good.

The sound is good, balanced & clear so for Rs 18.5K, it’s right in the middle as the AirPods come around Rs 13K and the only thing is that if it had the rubberized tips, then it would be great and the fit would’ve been better.

That is my only thing including the touch controls which are on the inner side.

For others, its size is smaller, the battery has increased, and the audio quality is good and that’s exactly what the AirPods 3 are for you.

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