Apple MacBook pro m1 review after 1 week | Best laptop ever?

Friends, the apple macbook pro m1 is the future of laptops and It’s going to change the way we content creators make videos and today I have the MacBook Pro M1, there’s also an M1 Max but many people are going to buy the M1 Pro.

Because it’s the base variant & it’s manageable at around Rs 2.30L & we ordered it and we wanted to test it to check what it can do & we didn’t unbox it immediately.

We actually used it for 1 week & these days, I was surprised to see what it can do, and let’s quickly unbox it.

MacBook Pro M1 Pro Unboxing

You get the MacBook upfront and It’s heavy, and there’s documentation, some stickers.

We also get this, is a 96W charger there’s also a braided cable and It’s long & is of excellent quality & it’s necessary for a laptop.

It’s USB Type C to MagSafe on the other end and there’s nothing more in the box.

Design and build quality

Below there’s “MacBook Pro” engraved & these are its rubber feet and It has a full recycled aluminum body and there’s that logo.

But the 4-5-year-old MacBooks had a glowing Apple logo, which is missing on this one & should’ve been here.

Looks and Weight

In-Hand Feel – It’s quite heavy in the hand and its weight is 1.6Kg and It actually looks classic because of the boxy design while last year’s MacBook Pro was slim.

Ports & Buttons

A lot has been added, the MagSafe is back! You get 3 USB Type C(Thunderbolt 4.0) ports, 2 on the left & 1 on the right, there’s a 3.5 mm jack & a card reader slot & a full HDMI.

This has HDMI 2.0 & even the SD card slot isn’t the latest generation, But it’s there.


The touch bar is gone and there are full function keys now & I’ve been using it for 1 week now.

Its keys & typing experience are the best and the key traveling distance is more but the keys are clicky & it’s one of the best keyboards and you get a Touch ID on the top right side for your fingerprint.

There’s a notch but no Face ID here and friends, the trackpad is big & very responsive, the clicking mechanism is good & you can feel the click anywhere on it.

It’s one of the best trackpads I’ve ever seen.


I’d say it’s a 3-3.5K display of 14.2” & with that its form factor is small because there’s a notch with 1080p webcam & the bezels are very thin as well so it’s a lovely screen.

And the 120Hz ProMotion is available here too.

Friends, it’s a mini LED display with 10K mini LEDs & with that, the peak brightness goes up to 1600 Nits and the notch is fine due to slim bezels but its implementation seems half-baked.

The cursor at times feels like it’s passing through it.


I was floored listening to the speakers and I watched many YouTube videos & songs and I really don’t know how Apple managed to give this audio quality, It’s like listening to big speakers.

The speakers are small due to less space but the quality is excellent with great bass.


I watched the launch event & I was expecting huge things but imagine a 4K/8K video shoot and Even videos are being viewed in FHD now, but now you can fit in 12-15 4K videos on Premiere Pro/FCP.

And you can easily work and you can also edit 8K streams easily.

They covered it in the launch event but I wanted to try it and when I did it on FCP, I couldn’t imagine that a small laptop could be this powerful and that’s all because of the chipset & integrated RAM.

It has M1 Pro with 16GB unified memory and this laptop is priced at Rs 2.40L and you get a 10 core CPU, 16 core GPU, 16GB unified memory & our version comes with a 1TB SSD.

You also get 512GB & there’s a good thing, it has a minimum of 16GB RAM & no 8GB variant.

But this is all about performance and the content creators who edit videos or work with graphics, it’s for them and I’ll be honest, there’s no laptop near it in terms of performance, we’ve tested many gaming & powerful laptops!

But for video editing, this is the beast no one can beat this laptop.

As for performance, there are many laptops with good performance but the fans make too much noise & bad thermals.

But here I was surprised as I couldn’t hear the fan and even if the fan starts, it’s so silent that you rarely need it.

When I edit 10 4K videos at a time, only then I can hear it slightly and we ran many synthetic benchmarks on it & it flew with flying colors everywhere.


You can have an extra display and with the Thunder 4.0 port, you can add an extra display and you can add 2 6K displays on it (So that is amazing).

With the M1 Max, you can add 3 6K displays & a 4K display so a total of 4 displays.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro that has native support now we used the previous version & we couldn’t get the best performance, but when you use the latest version/FCP, it’s amazing.

And if you are buying this laptop for gaming then don’t buy it because it’s not a gaming laptop.


Another surprising thing is that if you charge it, the laptops perform better but not here and Your performance will be nearly the same even on battery, it has a long 10-hour battery life apple says you get a 17-hour video playback time.

With our usage & testing, we could use it for 8-10 hours, so a full day’s power can be used only on its battery.

Generally, people and I say that Apple products are slightly overpriced, but at Rs 2.40L, this is worth every penny.

Especially, if you’re a creator, you’ll have unlimited power and as I said, this is the future and Imagine how easy it would be to create multiple 4K/8K content! It’s crazy & I love it.

For 95%, the 10 core MacBook Pro M1 Pro is good enough But the M1 Max is expensive, although I can’t imagine what all it would do.

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