iPad Mini 2021 review Mini Size but Pro Performance

we have the super portable iPad Mini 2021 and there are many things that make me say it’s a big blast in a small package.


The iPad mini 2021 and there’s iPad Mini documentation, a sim card tool, & you have a nice USB Type C to Type C means, it has a Type C port and Its previous-generation iPad Mini has launched 2 years ago & it had a lightning port.

You also get an adapter in the box and it’s a 20W adapter, very nice!

Design and in hand feel

Let’s look at the iPad Mini you can hold it with 1 hand very easily, even if you have average hands this is super portable

I’d say it’s a slightly bigger extension of the iPhone, It’s small, slim & lightweight as well.

Build Quality

This is an all-metal build, It’s a unibody design & you can see the antenna lines.

Ports & Buttons

There are 2 speaker grills below & a USB Type C in the middle.

On the right, you get nice support for Apple Pencil that’s very good and above, there’s a power on/off button, 2 speaker grills & you also have volume rockers up/down.

Interestingly there’s a Touch ID in the fingerprint sensor and there’s a sim card tray on the right side which is a single nano sim card slot.

I’ll show you just for the size comparison, this is the iPad Pro 2021(11”) & this is the iPad Mini.


let’s see what’s inside. (the display) and I want to check out the bezels, It’s an 8.3” Retina display with 500 Nits brightness and if you compare the 8.3” with the previous generation’s iPad Mini, then that was 7.9”.

If I talk about the bezels, they seem slightly big as you need some bezels on an iPad/tablet and I’ll know if they’re really thick after using it.

And, this display is 2K resolution with beautiful colours, they really look nice, even the viewing angles without being OLED are really good! It’s impressive.

iPad mini variants

There are 2 variants in this, 64GB & 256GB, I think they should include the 128GB variant, but you’ll get both a WiFi variant & a WiFi+Cellular variant in both.


It’s cute but it’s powerful as well, It also has the A15 Bionic chip and Its score on our 256GB variant is above 7.5L & that’s why I said it’s a big blast in a small package and it has a 2k display mentioned above.


These quad stereo speakers are loud, for such a small form factor, such loud & good quality is really good and it’s impressive quality & the screen is big so video consumption will be fun.

It’s an absolutely great portable multimedia device. (top of the line).


We literally spent a couple of hours playing, Because the stereo speakers are very good but the form factor is great & these bezels while playing seem really useful and we had fun playing heavy games on the highest settings.

It was fun & was buttery smooth during gaming, so full marks on performance and it’s a great portable gaming device but it did get warm as it has a metal back.


It has a 19.3Wh battery that Apple claims to last for 10 hours but under heavy usage, you can get 7-8 hours for sure but You get a USB Type C port & not the proprietary lightning port.

It’s a USB Type C v3.1 means you can connect an external display without any problems.


There’s a 12MP single camera on the rear & on the shorter front bezel, there’s a 12MP selfie sensor, which has got a FOV of 122 degrees.

But generally, when we use it for video calls, then we hold it horizontally, So if the camera had been in the longer side bezel, then it would’ve been better but it’s on the left-hand side and the quality is good!

As I said, the 122-degree FOV will help you with video conferencing without any problems.

The rear camera shoots videos at 4K@60FPS & even the quality of photos is quite decent which you don’t expect for a tablet. (All tablets has a fair camera).


With the A15 Bionic chip, you get 5G connectivity, 4G VoLTE, WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0 and there’s a Touch ID in the physical fingerprint sensor which is the power on/off button.


It has iPad OS 15 & you get a dock below like the Mac which is quite useful for a bigger screen it helps.

Price of iPad mini

It’s an iPad, so they don’t come cheap obviously the WiFi variant starts from Rs 46,900(Rs 47K) for the 64GB.

The 256GB variant is at Rs 60,900(Rs 61,000) for the base WiFi variant. The upper variant will cost more.

That’s what the iPad Mini 2021 is & now who all should buy it?

The foam factor gets 100/100 definitely! If you’re more into gaming, it has an 8.3” screen so I wouldn’t recommend editing/photoshop and you can do it sometimes easily as the A15 is a powerful SoC. But yes, if you want a high-end device for gaming.

Then there’s nothing better than this & you can carry it anywhere! Portability is a big factor and For the ones who want a small, one-hand tablet that’s high-end, then the iPad Mini 2021 is for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPad mini 2021 waterproof?


Is iPad mini 2021 good for gaming and multitasking?

Yes, you get an A15 Bionic chip inside this so no worries about performance.

Does iPad mini 2021 come with 5G?


Is iPad mini 2021 good for students and office employees?

Yes, and you can do work on this like a laptop.

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