iPhone 13 Series, iPad Mini & Apple Watch Series 7 Is Here My Honest Thoughts.

Alright family so, Apple had a grand apple launch event as expected. But the iPhones are not so majorly updated.

Yes, there are a lot of changes. In fact, it’s not just the iPhone 13 series but there are Apple Watch Series 7 & iPads that are launched.

This Blog covers what was launched in the event, what’s different from the previous generation & what are the updates.

It’s going to be a short blog, but by the end of it, you’ll know what all was launched in the Apple event & what are the updates.

iPhone 13 series launch

iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13

iPhone 13 pro iPhone 13 pro max

Firstly, let’s talk about the iPhones – iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Yes, again there are 4 variants of the iPhone Mini being there 1st time, the sales weren’t up to the mark last year but they still launched it.

And I’m happy, there’s a niche audience who want a small iPhone & they have the option, iPhone 13 Mini.

There are 3-4 new things if you compare them with the previous generation, the 64GB base variant is no more. Now all devices including the Mini have 128GB as the base variant.

So that is a good thing!


There are small superficial updates, its look has changed, previously the sensors were aligned one below the other.

Now, they’re diagonally aligned. Yes, the sensors are updated now but the megapixel count remains the same, so there’s a slight update in the Camera, according to me.

Finally, the heart, the A15 all iPhone 13 phones have the A15 Chip, which is a successor of the A14 Chip.

You get 5 Core GPU, 6 Core CPU & 16 Core Neural Engine so it’s much upgraded & probably the fastest SoC on a smartphone.

And I agree with Apple! In fact, all these unboxing & first impressions/reviews are coming soon so stay tuned.

Credits: apple.com

To talk about other features, there’s an upgraded iOS 15, there are 5 different colors available amongst which 1 is new and you get IP certification in all iPhones so thumbs up there!

Pricing of iphone 13 mini and 13

The iPhone Mini (128GB) is priced at Rs 69,900 (Rs 70K), the iPhone 13 is priced at Rs 79,990 (Rs 80K).

And from September 17th, you can start pre-booking & from September 24th, they’d start shipping in 8-10 countries (including India).

So if you’re interested in them, there is a link here ( non sponsored link )

Friends, to talk about the Pro variants, there’s a big difference now the iPhone 13 Mini & iPhone 13 have 60Hz screens.

But but but there is a game-changer the iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max have a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate so finally fast refresh rates are available on iPhones!

And that’s adaptive! Which goes down to 10Hz minimum & all the way up to 120Hz, so that’s a big change for iPhone 13 series.

Camera Sensors

Credits: apple.com

They’re upgraded as well, you can shoot 4K@30FPS in ProRes, and if you want to shoot videos on 4K@60FPS, there’s Dolby Vision.

The iPhone 13 cameras in terms of videos are epic! No one can beat it, on paper as well as in the real world.

So the legacy of beautiful videography is carried on by the iPhone 13 series.

iPhone series 1TB variant

And finally, there’s a 1TB variant! The 512GB top variant has been replaced to 1TB in the 13 Pro & Pro Max.


From iPhone 11 & 12, the battery saw an improvement in terms of usage and iPhone 13 builds on it.

The batteries on iPhone 13 Pro Max are increased by 2.5 hours as compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro battery has been increased by 1.5 hours more.

So overall capacity is not revealed by Apple, but yes, the battery life has improved.

Pricing of iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max

The iPhone 13 Pro base variant starts at Rs 1.19L (Rs 1.20L) & the Pro Max’s upper most variant(1TB) goes up to Rs 1.79L (Rs 1.80L). It’s the most expensive iPhone yet!

Apple watch series 7

Credits: apple.com

Okay so let’s quickly talk about the Apple watch series 7 but the Apple Watch Series 7 is coming a little late in India. But its price in the US starts at $399.

And the big difference after comparing it with Watch Series 6, is the big screen. Its size has increased by 20% and just like the iPhone batteries, they don’t reveal the display size. It’s just increased by 20%

According to the photos, the screen size is big & curved the watch bezels are almost invisible and this display is literally crack-resistant.

And it gives an 18-hour battery life so it’ll definitely last for a day, depending on your usage, but 1-day battery life is there, and there weren’t many, just these 2-3 things that were different.

Ipad mini launch event

But for me, the launch event’s biggest surprise was the iPad Mini! After 2019, it’s launching again after a 2-year gap. and compared to the old Mini(2019), there’s a lot of difference!

The bezels are very thin now like the normal iPad launched last year and the A15 chip is included in this too! Even if it’s smaller with an 8.3” display, it has an A15 Bionic chip.

So, I’d say it’s the fastest & the most powerful iPad yet you get an A15 chip in an 8.3” screen!

There are 2 variants in this – 64GB & 256 GB there’s no 128GB and You get WiFi+Cellular options. And it also supports the Apple Pencil on the small display!

You get 12MP cameras both on the rear & front and the front camera has a 122 degree Field of View.

It means its ultrawide so it is really good when you’re video conferencing which is nice and friends, it has a Type C charging now! So only last year’s iPad has a lightning port.

And this one has Type C now, so you can use any charger. I think that’s a big change & update!

Battery and price.

Apple claims it has a 10 hour battery life so you’d easily get 8-9 hours and there are 4 colour variants along with Touch ID. And to talk about its pricing, the 64GB(base) variant costs Rs 47K

And the 256GB costs Rs 61K. For me, in the entire Apple event, I’m most excited about iPad Mini 2021.

It’s very handy & will fit in your 1 hand & I like that form factor and as mentioned before, we’re going to unbox them & give you their first impressions.

So overall, to sum it up in a line, it was an incremental upgrade except the iPad Mini 2021.

All others had small changes Ttere wasn’t anything as revolutionary/groundbreaking/pathbreaking in this launch event.

But I’m looking forward to all the devices! As their blogs are coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iPhone 13 pro max better than iPhone 12 max?

Yes because it has a 120hz display, a15 bionic chip (processor), a top-notch camera, and many more.

Is iPhone 13 series waterproof?

Yes, it comes with IPX8 rating.

Can we use the dual sim in iPhone 13 series?

There is not a dual sim slot but you can use a one physical and one e-sim.

is the apple watch series better than the previous apple watch series?

Yes, do read this article.

Does iPad mini have the best processor?

Yes, it has an A15 Bionic chip that can beat laptops also.

Does iPad mini have a sim option?

Yes its top variant comes with physical sim option.

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