Is Moto Edge 20 Pro The Flagship Killer You Need? review

well brands have been happily increasing prices year on year Motorola has instead chosen to go for a much more affordable flagship this time is the moto edge 20 pro and it trades in the flagship snapdragon 88 soc for the almost flagship snapdragon 870 instead and this has helped Motorola price it pretty aggressively.

now I’ve been using this moto edge 20 pro as my primary for over a week and in this review, I’m going to be sharing my experience with it is this the flagship killer you need let’s find out.

built-in design

moto edge 20 pro display

unlike the other two phones in the moto edge 20 lineups, the pro here sports gorilla glass 5 to both the front and back the sides metal but it’s covered by a resin meaning it doesn’t have that cool to touch metallic feel.

And I think the 20 pro is worse for the glass the pack has a matte finish so it doesn’t pick up, fingerprints and smudges squared as easily as its table mates overall Motorola has gone for.  

A very utilitarian design the matte back does not stand out the other color options are also muted the moto edge 20 pro it looks like it’s there to get the job is done without making a lot of noise and in most ways that actually holds true.

now before we talk about getting the job done there are a few things worth mentioning now this phone it’s eight millimeters thick it weighs in at about 190 grams which felt noticeable to me especially given.

I was coming to this from the deceptively light moto edge 20 but in the larger scheme of things, it is okay the back curves nicely into the palm of your hand making it a little easier to wheel just like the moto edge 20 the camera hum here is quite pronounced too.

so when typing with the phone on a surface well it is still a terrible experience one that can be offset by using the included case now the reason for the moto edge 20 pro’s increased thickness and weight is two-fold first the materials used 
have changed we’ve got glass instead of plastic but secondly and more importantly to me, it’s got a higher capacity battery 500 milliamp or more  

And the battery life here is pretty amazing I could keep pushing the edge 20 pro all day long and it would still end up with 30 to 40 percent left in the edge 20 pro, the battery life is much better than on the edge 20 and that wasn’t all that bad to begin 
with so it’s excellent.

once again we get a 30-watt turbocharger including included in the box it helps you get from zero to 55 in about 30 minutes with the display this phone uses the same 
the panel that we saw on the 20. this is a 6.7 inch  

AMOLED with a 144-hertz refresh and 576 touch hertz that sampling it’s a beautiful panel it’s pretty sharp punchy and bright in other words it’s a typical 
A high-quality AMOLED panel is one thing worth noting.

here is that unlike with the edge 20 the color temperature seems to be on point the calibration is pretty fine out of the box I didn’t have to tinker around with the settings this time around.

moving on on paper the moto edge 20 Pro has a more powerful snapdragon 870 soc compared to the 778g on the moto edge 20 the actual performance though you know what for the edge 20 pro as well I left the refresh on at 144hz all the time since auto would only switch it between 60 and 120hz even with the latest software.

update so at a constant 144 hertz I still did not notice any stutters I didn’t expect the user interface the user experience to be so good but it was everything felt smooth apps were quick to launch gaming performance was also as good as 
you could expect it to be if I had one negative to point out it would be the fact that there’s just a single downwards firing speaker.

It is reasonably loud but we’ve definitely heard better in this segment and well we are on the topic of negatives hey there is no headphone jack there is no support for MicroSD they still manage, to find some space to fit a dedicated google assistant key that is not remappable.

The best thing I can say about this key is that it is placed a little too high so accidental presses weren’t an issue now other sundries include an ip52 rating that should guard you against some splashes at the very least the fingerprint scanner despite OLED is still built under underneath the power key I have mixed 
feelings about this one because it’s fast enough. 

yes but I do prefer under-display scanners next we’ve got 11 bands of 5g support there is support for carrier education call quality is awesome this NFC wi-fi 6 support 2 so nothing to whine about and I would say now returning back to the performance 
and user experience the h20 runs on my UX which is basically stock Android with very few Motorola tweaks with the recent use of oxygen and color.

stock android is interfacing are becoming It’s harder to find so I feel this is one huge positive for the edge 20 additionally there is no bloat at all no advertising stuff for you to opt-out of the entire experience feels exceptional.

with very few moto tweaks almost all of these tweaks can be found under the moto app whether you want to personalize the edge 20 by changing the icons or fonts or if you want to use gestures.

like double twist to launch the camera swap to switch between the front and rear cameras, it is all present right here some of our long term favorites like chop return on the flashlight and three-finger screenshot return alongside newer ones like swipe to split overall these are tucked away quite nicely into one app and more importantly they do not block the interface down. 

Motorola btw promises two years of security patches with two major android version updates it is a promise whether or not only time now the big change this time with Motorola’s.

The edge 20 series is ready for it’s very easy to dismiss this is hey it’s just another version of dex or it’s just miracast but actually, it is a lot more first, the pc version is ready for here you access your phone from inside windows that’s what it lets you do you have access to either a desktop version of things like you’d get on decks yes 
or you can even get your phone exactly mirrored.  

There is a difference though the edge 20 and the moto edge 20 pro had a USB 2.0 type-c port well this one has USB 3.1 so basically, this means you get video over USB on the moto edge 20 pro and hence ready for works wired as well  

on this phone, you might think why would somebody in their right mind use wired when stable wireless options exist the reason for that is reduced latency when using wired instead of just miracast now buying this every single thing like I said it applies it holds true here as well with performance, there is more headroom given the 870.

frames more with gaming but for the most part the experience remains similarly good across the port.

Camera of moto edge 20 pro

moto edge 20 pro camera

anyway, let’s now talk cameras we have a triple camera set up to the back the primary and secondary is identical to what we found on the edge 20 but the third sensor is the one for telephoto it’s a 5x periscope option this time around now the first thing that impressed me with these cameras are how close the colors are on all three sensors moto has done well.

In that regard, this is also noticeable when you zoom in with videos, audio zoom is also present and works great.

video in general though is a mixed bag what you are seeing here is 4k60 there is electronic stabilization for all sensors and you can go even up to 8k 24 if you wanna with the primary but as you guys see here even at 4k 60 there is a bit of focus on hunting and the worst part is that frames do skip constantly.

address this in a future update now coming back to stills under good light the 8-megapixel telephoto impress has excellent shots uh as we saw on the 
edge 20 it is upscale to 12 megapixels here as well the 108-megapixel primary that also shoots 12 megapixels gona binning the 16 megapixels ultrawide.

again gets downscaled to 12, the dynamic range is what I still feel could happen better in that regard, I feel the competition does do better but detailed colors they’re all on point.

under low light, the performance continues to be similar to the edge 20 meaning it is good but the noise it’s a little too high for my liking the moto edge 20 pro also happens to be prone to blurry shots even when the subject moves very slightly for selfies.

we have a 32-megapixel primary that shoots 8 megapixels by default the results work quite good and with all that said and done.

Price of moto edge 20 pro 

pricing Motorola has priced this phone at 37,000 rupees which was an excellent price till yesterday when the real me gt neo2 got announced at 32, I’d still say the edge20 pro is remarkable given that it has no bloat any ads it’s got stock android 
these are things real meat just cannot claim.  

but the edge 20 let’s break this down the edge 20 has plastic so hey the pro is better but the edge 20 also happens to be much lighter and hence it is easier to wield then again that comes at a cost and the cost being battery where the pro once more shines it’s got an edge no pun intended.

They both share the same screen same software same 30W charges the same primary and secondary cameras as well so no difference is that on paper, the 870 is a whole 92 better than the 778. 

But realistically there is a reason I reroll footage from the edge 20 for the user experience that’s because the 778 g punches way above its weight class and it offers an almost as good as flagship experience with a 144 a hertz screen nonetheless. 

Have more headroom with this phone but the phone you know while it might stay relevant a little longer the 778g is surprisingly close to 870 with regards to real-world use and that leaves us with the 5x optical zoom it’s definitely nice to have 
but is it a deal-breaker should you fork over 7000.  

more rupees for that may be the answer you know the answer could be okay yes for some people, but for the vast majority including yours truly I’d say no the moto edge 20 pro is a very good phone.  

but the edge 20 delivers almost the same experience while managing to be about 20 cheaper and that is the sweet spot for me so anyways this has been my take on the edge 20 pro is it is good just a little overshadowed by its less expensive stablemate.

so do you agree what do you think about this moto edge 20 pro  

leave a comment down below and with that we’re at the end of today’s review. 

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