Jio phone next review the price is 1,999 Rs But…

Jio Phone Next is here with us and you’re going to get it at Rs 1.999 with lots of small prints, and in this article, I’m going to talk about everything related to JioPhone Next.

If you want to shift from an entry-level/feature phone, to the JioPhone Next then should you shift? – If yes then why/why not, I’m going to talk about everything.

Jio phone next quick specifications

Display– 5.45” HD+ Screen with Multitouch

Camera– 13 MP Rear / 8 MP Front

Battery– 3500 mAh Battery

Processor– Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215

Memory– 2 GB RAM, 32 GB In-built Storage (comes with only one variant).

Connectivity– Dual sim, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.


Let’s open the box there is a phone and a JioPhone Next guide & documentation.

I feel like we’ve gone back to 2014/16 Because the battery is included outside the phone, which means it has a removable back.

This is a micro USB cable, USB Type C isn’t available and there is a 7.5W charger, that’s all that you get in the box.

Build quality

It has a plastic back & there’s no fingerprint sensor Instead, there’s a Jio logo on the backside of the phone.

It’s a 5.45” screen phone but it seems a little bigger and the weight is 170g so the weight is light.

And I can already see the bezels, Look at those bezels! That too reminds of the time gone back (4-5 years back).

Ports & Buttons

On the right, there’s a volume rocker & a power on/off button below it, below, there’s a micro USB port & a microphone and on the top, there’s a 3.5mm jack.

That’s about it and you don’t have a fingerprint sensor on the jio phone next.


It comes on the Qualcomm SD QM215 SoC, which was launched in 2019 so it’s 2-2.5 years old.

There’s just 1 variant, 2GB RAM+32GB storage, It has a 3500mAh battery & a 7.5W charger.

Remember, the SD QM215 SoC is based on 28Nm fabrication technology, so if you use the 3500mAh battery more, then I’d say the battery is on the lesser side.


Jio phone next display

It’s a 5.45” HD+ display & I’d say it’s ok. It’s not very bright, If you’re outdoors, then you might have a problem viewing it.

But you get Gorilla Glass 3 protection & in this price range, you don’t get GG protection but it’s here on the jio phone next.


Before the launch, we talked about PragatiOS I was using it for a while & it’s a merger between Android Go & Jio customizations, and many features are included which aren’t available on other phones at this price.

Eg) Read Aloud – This means if you want to hear the voice of the text on a page & don’t want to read it, you can do that, you can translate any page in any language.

This is Hinterland, meaning if people who want to switch from a feature phone to this one in the rural area, it translates language from English to Hindi/Marathi/Punjabi, etc.

And there’s a voice assistant feature as well this OS is based on Android 11 with September’s security patch.


On the rear, you get a 13MP camera with an LED flashlight & on the front, you get an 8MP camera with is ok for this price range.

This is a basic phone but the camera features include HDR mode, night mode & there are many Snapchat filters as well, so the camera app features are good.

Among the Google apps, the call/dialer app is by Google but the messaging app is from Jio.

Friends, you’ll have to use a Jio sim card on this 1 sim should be Jio & you’ll have to use its data only because we tried putting in our other network sim cards but it didn’t work.

Jio phone next price

Jio phone next price
Jio phone next plans

If we talk about the price its original price is 6,500 Rs but if you want this phone for the Rs 1,999 price, you’ll have to get their 18/24 month plans compulsorily, only then you’ll get the Rs 1,999 price.

If you get defaulted & are unable to pay the amount within 18/24 months, then your phone can get turned off! Yes, there’s a provision that if the financier doesn’t receive the money, then it’ll be turned off.

RAM and Storage type

The RAM type is LPDDR3 & the storage type is eMMC 4.5, it’s not even eMMC 5 and it shows when you use it the phone is very sluggish & even if you install medium-sized apps, you’ll have some issues and for lite apps, it won’t be a problem.

BGMI on jio phone next

To talk about BGMI, then forget it if you want to play it on low settings or very low settings but you won’t have much fun.

Finally, what do I think about the JioPhone Next at Rs 1,999?

I’ll say that this is an entry-level budget category phone and those who don’t have the money upfront, & if you want a phone below Rs 7-8K or even below Rs 5-6K, then this can be an option.

But there are many red flags you’ll have to use a Jio sim only the plans for 18/24 months will have to be paid monthly.

The effective price, if you want to buy it upfront, is Rs 6.5K.

I’d say it’s ok but jio should have to do something about the prices, so that’s about it about the JioPhone Next.

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