JioPhone Next FAQ

So, friends, there were a lot of questions on the JioPhone Next and there are around 25-30 questions.

Let’s quickly start with the questions.

JioPhone Next Sensors?

There’s no Gyroscope while all other sensors like Accelerometer, Proximity, etc are present.

JioPhone Next Pricing?

The price is Rs 1,999 & if you’re buying it on EMI (24-month plan), then you’ll have to pay Rs 1,999 & plus Rs 501 as a processing fee.

So Rs 2.5K now & then according to your plan – Rs 300/350/450/500, where Rs 300 is the base plan & you can get 5GB per month of data.

you’re still paying around Rs 5K over the next 24 months. So Rs 5K + Rs 2.5K!

If you buy this phone upfront, according to the plan its price goes up to Rs 7K over a period of 24 months.

JioPhone Next Call Recording?

No, you get a Google Dialer there’s no call recording option in the jio phone next.

JioPhone Next Memory Slot?

Yes, there’s a dedicated memory slot In the jio phone.

JioPhone Next Pre-Booking Date & Purchasing Date?

You can show an interest in the phone, there’s no exact date on its delivery or its sale and you can just register on their website saying that you are interested in the JioPhone.

JioPhone Next OS?

It comes on PragatiOS, it’s like a Stock Android but it has many Jio apps & there are different features in the camera app, so PragatiOS has its own features like Translations/Read aloud & they work well.

JioPhone Next Good For Children?

Good for children as in? For playing games/online classes?

I’ll say it’s ok but it has a 5.45” screen so I’m not really sure so for that I’ll say it’s ok & not all that great.

JioPhone Next Hotspot & Data Sharing?

Yes, it has a hotspot & you can also share data without a problem.

JioPhone Next Social Media & Zoom? Water/Dust Proof?

Yes, you can use lighter versions without any problems and It’s not water-proof/dustproof, if it dips in the water, I don’t think it’ll survive as it has an opening back, so water can rush in.

JioPhone Next vs Redmi Go?

It’s interesting as I went to & I saw that the Redmi Go is available at Rs 3K.

It has a Qualcomm SD425 SoC, but it has 1GB RAM but for Rs 3K it seems more value for money and It’s open as you can use any sim card on it.

You need 1 Jio sim for this phone and you’ll have to use its data only but You cannot use any other sim card’s data but yes you can use another sim card.

JioPhone Next Music Quality?

The music quality is good according to me for this price range, the speaker’s loudness is good.

JioPhone Next Portrait Mode?

Yes, it does have a portrait mode and you don’t have to worry about it.

JioPhone Next 5Ghz WiFi Support?

No, it doesn’t support it! It only supports a single-band WiFi(2.4GHz).

JioPhone Next Sim Card Policy?

Yes, you can use another sim but remember, the other sim card can only be used for calls and for data, you’ll compulsorily have to use the Jio’s sim only, before buying the phone, do decide which sim you’re going to use.

You can use Jio for data without problems & the other can be used for incoming/outgoing calls, It’s like a 2G sim card, even though it might support 4G but data will be only on Jio and that is important to know.

JioPhone Next Display Quality?

It’s good & not bad according to its budget range, the brightness is ok.

JioPhone Next software updates?

It shouldn’t be a problem but 1 thing’s good according to their fine prints, you’ll get 3 years of software updates & 5 years of security updates, so if you buy it, it’ll be on Android 11 & you’ll also get 12, 13 & 14 so that’s a big thing.

JioPhone Next Face Unlock?

No, it doesn’t I’m surprised, we tried to find it but there’s no face unlock nor a fingerprint sensor.

JioPhone Next For Students’ Online Classes?

Yes, it’ll work, I won’t say it doesn’t but according to me, a bigger screen for online classes would’ve been great, and looking at its Rs 6.5K price, then you can get a phone with 6.5”/7” screen.

JioPhone Next Camera MP?

In terms of camera, I like it because there’s a 13MP camera & an 8MP selfie camera.

Generally, phones worth Rs 5-6K, have an 8MP single rear camera & a 5MP selfie camera and this has a 13MP rear & 8MP selfie camera so that is good.

The features are good for photos, you get many Snapchat filters, Portrait Mode, Low light Mode, etc

JioPhone Next vs Competition?

We were expecting that it would be very aggressively priced but it isn’t, If I consider the Rs 6.5K base price, then I’d recommend the realme C series – C11/C20.

You’ll get for around Rs 6,999 & you’ll get a Helio G35 SoC, with a bigger 6.5” screen.

And you can also use open sims, & not just a Jio sim card so according to that, JioPhone’s not on top of its competition.

JioPhone Next Battery Life, Gaming, Freefire and BGMI?

For light-medium usage, it’ll last for a day surely but if you use it heavily then it might end in the evening and, Free Fire also works along with BGMI on low settings.

JioPhone Next with Old Jio Sim Card?

As long as there’s a Jio sim card, you can.

JioPhone Next Noise-Cancelling Mic?

First, I thought it wasn’t there but on the back, there’s a mic, But I don’t know if it’s a noise-canceling mic or the video shooting mic.

Final conclusion

Well, I found the phone to be a little underwhelming & the pricing could’ve been better and If it were around Rs 4K effectively, then I could’ve recommended by giving Rs 2K upfront & then EMI for the next 6 months/12 months.

24 months is a very long time & it’s a budget series phone you’ll use it for 2 years on EMI & then it might get locked and its value proposition is definitely low according to me and its price should’ve been lower.

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