Mi Notebook Ultra Review First Impressions and top features | all you need to know.

Before starting the blog this is not a sponsored blog so you will get the true review (enjoy).

Friends, this is Xiaomi’s most expensive product in India. It’s priced at Rs 77K yes I’m talking about the Mi Notebook Ultra.

And I’ll give you my first impressions, but this is a premium laptop have some very unique things.

Unboxing ( Box contents )

A laptop and a charger with its cable. That’s about it. And there’s nothing else other than documentation with a 1-year warranty.

Build Quality

They added the logo! and this looks good & it isn’t on the lighter side but it feels well built in the hand.

As it has a 6000 series aluminum chassis. Meaning this whole thing from up to down is all aluminum And it’s unibody as well.


If we talk about the weight, it’s about 1.7-1.75 Kg.

There are legs present below & the ones behind are raised compared to the front.

So it sits on an angle. you also get a grill as well for the airflow, right below and you get 2 speaker grills on both sides(left and right).

Ports & Buttons

On the left, you get 2 USB Type C ports where 1 is a thunderbolt port, there’s a HDMI port, USB 3.2 & another USB 2.0 & a 3.5mm jack.

So you can add an external display with the thunderbolt port and you can open it with 1 hand.


The side bezels are thin and look like a big screen. It’s a 16:10 aspect ratio screen and It’s a 15.6” screen.

The keyboard is full-sized according to me, but there’s no num pad and I think the distance between the keys is more than enough. it’s clicky as well with a 1.5mm travel distance, so that’s good!

If I talk about the touchpad, it’s quite big! That’s nice.

The power on/off button is also a fingerprint sensor, so you’ll be able to unlock & start using your finger, that’s good.

That’s a big screen and no, it isn’t a touch screen.

Friends look at its bezels, they’re thin & the upper bezel has a nice HD webcam & that’s important nowadays!

Generally, the webcam makes the upper bezel a little thicker but it’s not with this one and I really like the screen-to-body ratio on this laptop! Xiaomi claims its screen-to-body ratio is 89%

The big thing is that it has a 3.2K display! Generally in this premium price range, you get an FHD screen which is really good & the colors are rich as you’ll see on its display.

The brightness seems perfect for indoors without any problems but if you’re using it outdoors in the sunlight, then you might find that the brightness is a little less.


In the Mi notebook Ultra, you get i5 & i7 and there are 2 sub-variants in the i5(8GB RAM & 16GB RAM).

You get 512GB storage in all variants but the i7 variant only has a 16GB RAM variant.

You get an integrated graphics card which I didn’t like at least they should put a GPU inside to enhance the gaming experience.

so if you are buying to play high-quality games so this laptop is not for you.

It has a big battery & I think that’s why it’s on the heavier side. It has a 70WHr battery that runs for 12 hours, claims Xiaomi, and even with that screen, you’ll get an 8-10 hour backup. So no problems with the battery but it doesn’t support fast charging.

It has a 65W charger that charges the laptop up to 50% in 45 minutes.


If you’re watching videos indoors, you’ll love the quality. You’ll have fun if you’re into gaming! and You’ll like the colors & smoothness.

But I can’t say the same with the audio. You get two 2W speakers on either side & they’re not bad, but it’s not great either.

So the overall audio-video experience is less immersive due to the audio.


You get WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.1 support.

OS ( operating system )

It comes on Windows 10 & you’ll definitely get a free upgrade to Windows 11 and you also get pre-installed Microsoft Office so it is great.

For another feature, you get a Macro Key, where you can assign it to any software.

For example. if you open Chrome all the time, you can access it on the macro key press. So it’s good!

And you can then easily use it for video editing & Photoshop.

Remember, the Ultra variant(i5 with 16GB RAM) starts at Rs 64K & the i7 with 16GB RAM variant is priced at Rs 77-78K.

To talk about the price, it’s equivalent to others & it doesn’t seem aggressively priced & is lower by only Rs 1-2K.

But if the display is very important to you, then I don’t think any other laptop comes near this one! That’s for sure!

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