Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Quick Review, And Best Price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

Before starting the blog this is not a sponsored blog so you will get the true review (enjoy)!

Recently Samsung launched their two flagship phones the Samsung galaxy z fold 3 5g and the Samsung galaxy z flip 3 5g. and this is going to be the review of the Samsung galaxy z flip 5g.

Unboxing of samsung galaxy z flip 3 5G

A top angular view of a folded Phantom Black Galaxy Flip3, placed upright showing its rear camera and lined up next to; a data cable and an ejection pin.

It’s a small box with a small phone inside as well, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, But to tell you, I haven’t used the 1st gen Flip, this is the first time I’m going to unbox & use Samsung’s Flip phone.

Its form factor is seriously small, but the phone & its screen is big in looks.

Let’s quickly see what else is there in the box.

We have documentation, USB Type C to Type C cable & a sim card tool, that’s it as it’s a box.

Design Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

Collage of three images of a Cream Galaxy Flip3; a 45 degrees folded side view of the device showing its rear camera; a close up view of the device focusing its rear camera; and unfolded rear view of the device.

It’s thin & light! it’s nice. We can’t say this about many phones, but it literally fits in the palm.

There are very few phones that we can talk about in this form factor and the Samsung galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is one of them and interestingly it’s a very lightweight phone.


It’s 185g But, it feels so good! I’m using the Z Fold3 & look at this, it’s literally half its size!

Build Quality Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

It feels really premium & has Gorilla Glass Victus on the front as well as back and it’s not a fingerprint magnet As for the fit & finish, there’s some space in the middle & the phone rests on the 2 sides.

And the flip feels really nice, look at this, you can set the flip at any position you want And it’s completely flat when you open it & it doesn’t look like a foldable phone at all.

Yes, you do see the crease in the middle but it’s nice The flip build is better than I expected for sure and you can open it, but it’s not that easy. And flip is not flimsy. You have to make an effort to open it.

You can open & close it with 1 hand, but it’s not easy & you have to open it using both hands.

And there’s a pre-applied screen guard just like the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and Samsung suggests that you shouldn’t remove it but yes it does come with a screen guard.

It has an aluminum frame armor and this build quality is really good!

Ports & Buttons

A Cream Galaxy Flip3 is placed on the screen with it's front screen opened in a 90 degree angle, behind the device on the right there is a folded Cream Galaxy Flip3 showing it's rear camera.

Below, there’s a speaker grill, a USB Type C port & 2 microphones.

On the left, there’s a sim card tray & a noise-canceling microphone.

On the right, there are volume keys above & a power on/off button that’s also a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

There’s nothing else except antenna lines everywhere and It has a single sim card slot, but it’s a dual sim phone as there’s an e-sim option & the other will be a physical sim card slot.

Time to start the phone first time bootup.

Just like the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, the Samsung galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is going to last. It doesn’t feel flimsy & I like that!

It’s a very important thing in foldable phones that they shouldn’t feel flimsy at all. So it’s a big thumbs up for fit & finish.


This is a narrow phone with a tall display and It has a 22:9 aspect ratio, a 6.7” sAMOLED FHD+ display with a 120Hz fast refresh rate & has 1200 Nits of brightness.

Even in the harsh outdoor sunlight, I don’t think you’d have problems while reading/viewing and there’s another secondary screen on the front and it’s bigger compared to the previous generation.

It’s now 1.9” in size & has become more useful for sure! It was 1.1” before.

Specifications and pricing.

It’s based on the Qualcomm SD888 SoC, with 2 variants – 8+128GB(which we have) & 8+256GB(upper variant).

The base variant(8+128GB) is priced at Rs 85K and if you buy it on the HDFC debit card, you get a Rs 7K cashback. So its effective price is Rs 77-78K.

So foldable phones are getting cheaper. Especially this one at Rs 77-78K and now you can get a foldable phone for the price of a flagship phone!


It has a 3300mAh battery capacity which is a con, but I’ve been using the Fold 3 for 2-3 days, it has 2 big screens with a 4400mAh battery & I thought it won’t last for the whole day under my usage.

We’ll have to use it first, but the battery capacity is 3300mAh with 15W charging and, it has wireless charging support as well as reverse wireless charging!


It comes on OneUI 3.1 that’s based on Android 11 But there are some pre-installed apps & has a Flex mode which is very useful if you make video calls and just keep it if you want to click photos/selfies easily.

This 2nd screen is very beneficial for selfies, you can click photos using the main camera setup But with that flex mode, for camera/video calls, & even if you’re multitasking, you can keep 1 app above & another below.

Not just Samsung default apps but you can shift 3rd party apps as well through Labs from the Settings you can add YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the Flex mode! It’s a useful feature.

The secondary screen is a touch screen & you can place widgets on it. Like, controlling music(play/pause) so it’s very impressive and sees notifications, etc. The small screen is very useful for selfies as well.

And there are built-in apps like a recorder, etc which you can use directly from it.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

It has a 12MP+12MP dual camera setup on the back and there’s a 12MP primary sensor(OIS) & a 12MP ultrawide sensor(123-degree FOV).

You get a 10MP selfie sensor in the center punch hole. I’m showing some sample photos on the screen As I said, we haven’t spent too much time (just a couple of hours). The prima facie first impression of photos is quite good! But do wait for the full review.

You get all the features in the camera app – Single Take(flagship-level Samsung feature) is there.


I was very surprised with its audio on the basis of its form factor the audio is quite loud with good quality and it has a tall screen so you’ll have fun watching wide videos and there are no top bands but instead, they’re on the sides.

Performance of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

I won’t be able to tell much but it has a SD888 SoC, with a 6.5L AnTuTu score and we played games on the highest settings & it did heat a bit Even as we were setting it up/while gaming, it did feel warm on the upper side.


You get all sensors with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor & face unlock that work well.


It has 5G, dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling support, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6 & NFC as well.


It comes with IPX8 certification & is water-resistant, it shouldn’t have problems with little water splashes and It has support for Camera2api along with Widevine L1 & SAR values are within limits.

There are some nifty features, like tapping the power button twice to open the camera for a selfie So there’s no need to unlock/open the phone as well.

So these were my first impressions on the Galaxy Z Flip3, we’re going to make a detailed review on it.

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