Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G honest long-term review.

Friends, the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G has been my daily phone for the past 30 days.

But, when held the Z Fold 3 in my hand for the 1st time, it was obviously bulky, but its feel & durability made me decide that I’m going to use it!

Especially, the screen space you get makes it feel 2in1, a proper phone as well as a tablet.

And that’s why I thought of checking my experience with it after 30 days,

And I’m going to tell you 5-6 things that really impressed me, that wasn’t expected in a foldable phone, especially the Z Fold 3.

I’m going to tell you all about them.

Featured image credits: Marques Brownlee

Build Quality

3 Phantom Black Galaxy Fold3 are placed upright in a single row, from the left to right there is an unfolded Fold3 showing it's full screen, a unfolded Fold3 showing it's back cover, and a folded Fold3 showing it's rear camera.

When I shifted to this phone, I had 2-3 apprehensions, like how’s the folding mechanism?

I’ve used the previous generation foldable phones & to tell you, it feels ok at the beginning but, the confidence on the fold is lowered, and as they loosen after a point of time. But it’s not the case with this one.

I’ve been using it for 30 days, & I have the same feeling as I had on the 1st day of its use and I’m sure that even after 6-8 months, I’ll have the same feeling, which is a big thumbs up to Samsung.

Its hinge has a very polished & refined experience.


It’s bulky & heavy, which is expected, but the build quality is really very good! and there’s armoured aluminum used & it fell 2-3 times from my pocket’s height & still nothing got happened!

In fact, I felt it to be slippery at the beginning because it’s more smooth on both sides & it feels like it’ll slip from the hand.

But after some time, you’ll get used to it and it provides some resistance which is very important!

Flex mode

Especially for Flex Mode, Many foldable phones have been launched till date

but the Flex Mode that has been implemented on the Z Fold 3 is very useful & functional!

And this Flex Mode can help you click photos/videos when you’re alone.

(For Eg) I want to take a video with the front camera, I’ll just keep it at an angle and even to pick up video calls, with the front camera or video conferencing, it’s very helpful!

The Flex Mode implementation is very nice!



The display is very important in a foldable phone & if people have talked about foldable phones till date then they’ve mostly talked about the display!

The outer display is like a proper phone, it’s not like it’s a secondary display that’s small or low quality It’s a tall & narrow display.

But it’s big which doesn’t make it feel like you’re using another phone.

60-65% of my work happens on this particular front screen you can call/message/read stuff easily and if you feel that the front screen is small/narrow to read/work/watch videos, then just open the phone.

Whatever you were doing on the smaller screen will come to your bigger screen & the transition helps a lot!

So anytime if you want a big screen, just open the Z Fold 3 & you can open the app from a smaller screen to a bigger one.


Hands holding Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, unfolded. The Main Screen displays a scene from a Netflix video of a man holding his hand up to his face.

I noticed my experience with the smaller form factor phones, when I switched to Z Fold 3 suddenly I had started to consume a lot more multimedia and I started watching a lot of videos.

In fact, I watched most of the India vs England Test Match on this big screen & I loved that experience

And it has an AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate on both displays so the colors look good.

The quality of the audio surprised me! I don’t think any other phone comes close to its multimedia experience.

Especially, because of the display & audio quality but, the most surprising thing in the Z Fold 3 is its battery & it was my biggest apprehension.

It was the first thing that I mentioned in the previous blogs, that the 4400mAh battery even in a normal phone is dicey to last throughout the day.

But even with these 2 big screens with 120Hz fast refresh rate.

The maximum battery consumption was 70-80% under moderate-heavy use.

Meaning only 20% battery used to remain which I could use the next morning and I don’t really know what Samsung has done, but the 4400mAh battery lasts even with 2 displays.

If I talk about the Screen-On-Time (SOT), it’s about 7.4-7.5 hours (close to 8 hours) which is that again surprised me.

I thought it’d last 4.5-5 hours at the most, so if you have the same apprehension about the 4400mAh battery then don’t worry!

If the fast charging is a bit faster, that would’ve been good.

But the battery gets fully charged in 1.5-2 hours and that’s not a problem with the normal 25W charger.


A woman sitting on stairs. Another pose appears, and then another. The photos are floating over unfolded Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. They fall into place the screen inside Capture View Mode in the Camera app. The counter says 2 photos. The shutter snaps and another photo is taken on Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and the photos shift again to show the bigger view of photos just taken. The counter now says 3 photos.

There are 2-3 things about the camera. If you want to click photos/selfies, you can use all 5 cameras, yes the 3 on the back/the 10MP front/the 4MP inner under-display camera.

But I’ll suggest not to use the 4MP selfie camera for photos, they aren’t bad but they aren’t good either,

And I cannot say the same thing about the rear cameras, the rear camera setup clicks good photos & videos.

Yes, there’s the scope of improvement, I’d say but the under-display camera has a long way to go.


Unfolded Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with a scene from a game of a red car racing down a road on the Main Screen.

I wouldn’t talk much about the performance because I never had a problem with it the performance is top-notch.

All the tasks like playing games/using heavy apps I never felt any stuttering.

OSUI of samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

The foldable form factor is new so the OS might not have been implemented properly But, it has been! If you multitask a lot, you can open 2 apps on the inner window and it’s very easy to use!

So I didn’t find any bugs on the OS where I expected to find some.

But it hasn’t happened to date and like I said, the performance is buttery smooth.

S-Pen support

Hands holding unfolded Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and sketching with the S Pen Fold Edition. The Main Screen is in Multi Active Window mode. One half of the screen shows two instances of the Internet app open, one with a live stream of a fashion show and the other with a website showing images of the garments from the show. The other half of the screen is a sketch of a dress being done in Samsung Notes.

If you’re an artist/creative type of a person, you have the S-Pen support I haven’t used it much, to be honest,

but if I want to take notes during meetings, I start writing on it.

And it’s very nice, but to carry it you need this case from Samsung It increases the bulk, but if you frequently use the S-Pen, then you can definitely get this case.

Friends when I was taking notes, and I liked 1 thing that my handwriting gets properly converted into notes.

So that’s a useful thing! auto conversion to text.

Display crease

Finally, let’s talk about the crease on Samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G I noticed it on the first few days, but if you’re doing some work/watching videos it’ll barely be noticeable.

It’ll only be visible during viewing it from different angles or when the screen is off but If you have any apps open, it’ll barely be noticeable.

In 1 line, foldable phones have come a long way, especially the Z Fold 3 and I know there were a lot of talks about the display etc when the 1st Fold had launched.

But not with this one. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has matured!

And it was a really really good experience for me.

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