Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Quick Review, and Best Price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

Before starting the blog this is not a sponsored blog so you will get the true review (enjoy)!

Finally the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is here! It’s the 3rd generation foldable phone & we haven’t spent much time with it so wait for the full review.

But this is going to be my first impression after opening the box & let’s see what all the Z Fold 3 offers.

Unboxing of samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G


You get the phone, right upfront & it’s open in tablet form and you get a Type C to Type C cable, a sim card tool, some documents and there’s nothing more.

But the adapter’s missing because they removed the adapter like apple.

Looks and feels of samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G


This is beautiful & now it really feels like foldable phones have matured! The Z Fold 3 has matured.

Z fold 1
Z fold 2

Take a look on 1st generation vs 2nd generation vs 3rd generation.

You can keep it at whatever angle you want.

It’s refined, the folding mechanism truly feels refined and It’s slightly on the heavier side as it’s a tablet & a phone that’s equivalent to 2 phones.

But still, it doesn’t feel that big in the hands. You can carry it around.

It’s form factor is narrow & fits very well in the hand and It is about 14.4mm thick & that makes it on the thicker side but, when you open it, it’s hardly 6.4mm(one of the thinnest).

It is not too wide & even the average hands won’t have problems. Small hands might have some difficulties.

But, for normal/average hands look at this! You can easily close & hold it as well.

So it’s not bad at all & feels good to hold in the hand.

weight samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

It’s heavy being around 275-276g, And that’s very nice!

Build Quality samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

There are a lot of moving parts in a foldable phone, but the fit & finish looks very refined and the back is flat with the Samsung logo at the center that used to be on the left.

I’m pleasantly surprised with it’s in hand feel. So well done Samsung on the fit & finish!

The frame is obviously metal. Infact, Samsung says, it’s an armour aluminium frame,

which is one of the toughest on a smartphone and you get Gorilla Glass both above and below, which is the toughest glass.

It’s very well built! So small drops won’t affect it much. I like it!

Ports & Buttons of samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

It’s going to be different. Above, on the left, you get a speaker grill & a microphone.

On the right, you get 2 microphones. So a total of 3 microphones. They are noise cancelling ones for video shooting.

And you get a volume rocker, a power on/off button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor.

On the left hand side, you get a sim card tray and below you get a USB Type C & a microphone on the right. There’s a speaker grill on the left.

I’m telling you on the basis of its open form. So lot’s of ports, buttons & microphones.

But There’s one thing missing, the 3.5mm jack. It’s not theren so this is a con from samsung galazy z fold 3.

The sim card tray will have a dual nano card slot.

Friends you can definitely see the crease. It’s clearly visible when you unfold the phone and you can see the under display camera here as well.

So i’ll say it’s a partial under display camera.

Display samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

A top angular view of an opened Phantom Black Galaxy Fold3 is placed at a 45 degree angle and a S pen is vertically on the opened screen.

It’s a big display!

The cover display is a 6.2” AMOLED display with a 120Hz very fast refresh rate and the inner display is a 7.6” sAMOLED E4 display which is also 120Hz fast refresh rate.

The outer display is a dynamic AMOLED 2x display that gives a peak brightness of 1500 Nits outer display is going to be used more. And being a 6.2” big display you’d do 70-80% of the things on it.

And you will not get any problems in direct sunlight.

The inner display has 1200 Nits of peak brightness.

Specifications samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

It’s based on the Qualcomm SD 888 SoC, & there are 2 variants – 12+256GB & 12+512GB.

The RAM type is LPDDR5 & storage type is UFS 3.1 and Samsung claims that the display is 25% more power efficient & consumes less battery.

It has a big 6.2” screen & for that the 4400mAh battery might not run for the whole day and under normal usage, it might hold throughout the day. we’ll test it out obviously, but it should have been more.

There’s no adapter in the box but the phone supports 25W charging and it also supports 10W wireless charging.

Performance samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

We ran the AnTuTu Benchmark & got a score above 7.22L

The gaming performance & playing on the big screen is fun! It’s a good display & you can play any game with high graphics.

And like BGMI or COD & you’ll have a lot of fun and You can play them on the highest settings.

In fact, we played BGMI on the 6.2” screen & it works pretty well but the screen is a little narrow because of the aspect ratio.

The ratio of the outer screen is 24.5:9, which generally is 18:9 or 20:9. And that’s why it’s narrow with a long screen.

Cameras samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

There are 5 cameras in total and, all 5 cameras can be used as selfie cameras.

On the rear side, you get a 12MP(primary)+12MP(telephoto)+12MP(ultrawide) triple camera setup and on the front side (cover display), you get a 10MP punch hole selfie sensor.

The main screen under display camera is a 4MP sensor and I like the fact that Samsung tried using the 4MP under display camera. Its quality is ok, it takes a lot of post processing and the photos are hazy.

But it gets clear during post processing.

You already have a front 10MP & 12MP on the back, which you can use the rear camera setup as a selfie too!

And there is the ultrawide sensor, You can click selfies using ultrawide as well and You might use the under display camera during Zoom meetings/video calls Or else, you’ll use the main camera setup.

One good thing is they aren’t after MPs. The 12MP+12MP+12MP clicks good photos but not the best.

I’m watching it on the screen so maybe it’s looking good but overall I was mighty impressed with the photo & video quality. But do wait for the full review.

It comes with flex mode, where you can click photos with the under display camera and there’s another good thing, you can hold it in one hand even after opening it.

IPX8 and S pen support

There are 2-3 things that stand out! 1 – It’s IPX8 certified, which is a big thing but It’s not dust proof, but water resistant & nothing will happen even if it falls in the water. It’s a big achievement for a foldable phone to achieve IP rating!

It has an S Pen support. You get 2 different S Pens, which you can buy as accessories The S Pen Fold Edition & S Pen Pro which you’ll have to buy separately.

Multimedia samsung galaxy z fold 3 5G

There are AMOLED screens, the outer is a HD+ screen while the inner is a 2K screen so when consuming multimedia, use the big screen, it’ll be a lot of fun!

You get stereo speakers(top & bottom firing) And you can enjoy them in any orientation without covering them.

The speakers positioning is on the side, & because of that even if you hold it horizontally, come above on both sides. And holding it vertically will make the speakers come out on top & bottom.

So multimedia experience on this one is unmatched with that big screen.

The audio quality is loud & crisp clear so it is very good! You get Widevine L1 support, so streaming on Netflix will be fun! and you also get Camera2Api support.

There’s no notification light, no FM Radio & SAR values are within limits. so this is again a con from z fold 3.


You get connectivity options including – 5G, dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 & NFC.


You get all sensors in this, there’s a side mounted fingerprint sensor & face unlock as well, both work well.

OS UI and color options.

It comes on OneUI 3.1.1 which is based on Android 11 & it has been customised for this foldable phone and it shows as it’s refined!

But overall, it’s a clean & nice UI that complements the foldable phone color options there’s a Phantom Black & a Phantom Green color.


The base variant(256GB) is for Rs 1.49L but you get some offers with it, Effectively, you might get it at Rs 1.35-1.40L & it would’ve been good if the price was low and a secreat tip: if you will buy it offiline you wll get the best possible discount.

So thanks for reading the blog wait for z flip 3 review untill then bye bye

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