Top 10 Hidden Windows 11 Features You Must Know In 2021

Hey, friends how many of you have installed the new Windows 11 on your PCs?

If you have Windows 10, then you can upgrade it for free

Windows 11 isn’t just eye candy it means the UI is very different & changed now and it looks more like a mobile UI, But many features have been added that are very good & useful.

There are some things like if you don’t like a feature then you can keep it as the Windows 10 feature, so there are many things & so the title says that there are many Windows 11 features that you might not know about.

You should use windows 11 features.

Windows 11 taskbar

Friends, it’s the biggest visual change in Windows 11 all icons have come to the center that was on the left earlier.

It looks like macOS, but if you don’t like it unlike many of them who do, but if you don’t & want it on the left like Windows 10, then you can easily do it.

You just have to go to Settings>Personalization>Taskbar>Taskbar Behaviours> And choose – Left Taskbar Alignment and it’ll get back as it was previously in Windows 10.

and friends, this personalization area has many things in it that you can change according to your likes.

Many things can be visually experienced including their work, so go & spend some time in Settings>Personalization.

Focus Mode in windows 11

Just like your mobile’s “Focus Mode”, it comes in Windows 11 too and If you don’t want any notifications or anything if you’re gaming on your PC, etc, where you don’t want to get disturbed, the Focus Mode has arrived & you can customize which notifications can be allowed & which are not.

It’s the time of WFH & many times you’re doing some work & there are many distractive notifications and it’s very disturbing at least in my case & I definitely use the Focus Mode & it benefits me.

Friends, Windows 10 had shortcuts that were very good, when you go to the Start menu, you see folders there that you could use.

I personally used them & when I installed Windows 11, I couldn’t find them but there’s away.

Windows 11 Folders On Start

If you want some folders like – Downloads, Pictures, etc.

Folders On Start – these folders that you want to access regularly can be pinned to the Start menu and it’s very simple, go to Settings>Personalization>Start>Folders, & you can select many things in it like, File Explorer, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, Network, your personal folder, etc.

All these things can be added in the shortcuts so that you can access them with a click.

Type With Voice in Windows 11

You can actually type with your voice. You can just talk to your PC/laptop & it’ll type for you and you don’t need to type it It’s simple Just press “Windows+H” & starts talking and the PC will start writing.

Do try this feature out!

Windows 11 Legacy Right-Click

Another thing, we always use “Right-Click” on folders or to arrange icons & more and I’ve been using Right-Click from the start & all of us do it normally, like if you want to empty the recycle bin or delete an app.

Legacy Right-Click, but now, the Right-Click menu has been simplified & many things that you could do can’t be done now.

But worry not the old Right-Click feature can still be accessed you just have to highlight the part where you want to Right-Click, & then press “Shift+F10”. The old Right-Click menu will be back as before.

Many people know this as Microsoft had already advertised it.

Multiple Desktops feature of windows 11

Just press Windows key+Tab & multiple windows will pop up.

This means if you want to compartmentalize your work, your personal stuff, multimedia on different desktops, then you can now.

You can add as many desktops as you want now, this is a very useful feature & I use it in my office and You do a lot of multitasking, You want to do multiple things at the same time & you don’t have multiple monitors.

Snap Layouts windows 11

You get 4 different layouts if you hover over maximize icons & you can see it, but you won’t have to use a mouse, you’ll have to use a shortcut, Just press Windows key+Up/down/left/right arrow.

Different layouts will change accordingly like if you press Windows+right arrow, then it’ll move to the right & so on.

So it’s very interesting & useful and if you want to present different windows in different layouts then you can use Snap Layouts.

So this is another cool feature, & many people would use it and there are many times where our many tabs are open & we want only 1 of them.

But there are many tabs/windows open in the background so If you want to keep a single window open & minimize the others.

Windows 11 Shake To Minimize

It’s very easy to use minimize feature, you can shake the very 1st open window & all other windows at the back will get minimized but remember, this feature is turned off by default & you’ll have to turn it on.

Press the Windows key>Type multitasking>Title bar window shake & turn it on and just shake the very 1st open window & all other windows will get minimized.

Windows 11 themes

Dark mode/Normal mode have all arrived, If you want to look at the screen in low light, then your eyes won’t have much problem.

There are many themes available with color options you can customize it completely & granularly according to your color preferences so you do that now you can control the way your desktop looks, completely.

Go to Settings>Personalization>Themes & browse the themes you like & select 1 of them!

Dynamic Refresh Rate in windows 11

Do you know, Dynamic refresh rate like you have adaptive refresh rate on your mobile phones, and it’s available on Windows 11 now.

If your display supports HDR or a fast refresh rate like 120/144Hz, then you can use it now, If you go to Displays, there’s an option if you want to use 144Hz, then you can do it. It’s very smooth!

Auto HDR features

If your display supports it then you can use Auto HDR whether you’re editing videos/gaming and it’s beneficial for high-end displays.

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