Top Best phone under 400$ December 2021

So If you want to know about the Best Phone Under 400$, then this article is for you as, usual, we’ve fixed basic minimum criteria & we give more importance to Performance.

Minimum Criteria – Phone should have Dimensity 1200/SnapDragon 870 SoC, there’s 1 phone with SD778 so they should have Dimensity 1200/SD870 and they should have fast refresh rate, fast charging & a minimum 4000mAh battery. Top Best phone under 400$

And they should at least have 6GB RAM as a minimum with 128GB storage so that’s the minimum criteria after all you’re paying for the Best phone under 400$.

Friends, I’m going to tell you about 6 phones in this article, but you have to understand that the perfect phone is based on your liking & importance and it can be the 5th or the 1st phone.

And decide according to that & that’s why in this and, we’ve ranked the phones but any 1 of them will be important for you.

So let’s find out the Best phone for under 400$ for you.

Moto Edge 20 5G

Moto best phone under 400$

Camera & clean UI is important, so you should look at it as it’s priced under 400$ and it’s a 6.7” AMOLED screen with a 108MP+8MP+16MP triple camera.

So the camera is good and Motorola phones come with a clean UI experience like stock Android so if that’s very important to you, then you can definitely look at it.

Mi 11X 5G

Mi Top best phone under 400$

Its display is the biggest highlight with a 6.67” AMOLED screen with a 120Hz fast refresh rate and it comes with the Qualcomm SD870 SoC.

But SD870 SoC is the minimum criteria that are included in this phone and It also has a 4520mAh battery with 33W fast charging and a triple camera with a 48MP primary sensor. The only thing is that it has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor despite having AMOLED.


Poco Top best phone under 400$

It has a 6.67” AMOLED screen with a fast refresh rate but it has Maglev triggers that’ll help you during gaming and it also has a big 5065mAh battery with 67W fast charging & it’s based on MIUI 12.5, a 64MP triple camera setup.

Its price is around 400$, but generally during offers, then you’ll definitely get it below 400$, so we’ve included it in the list and if gaming is important, then do look at POCO F3 GT.

iQOO 7 5G

iQOO Top best phone under 400$

It’s good for gaming because it has a dual-chip so if you want to play games on 120FPS, then this is the phone for you and It has a big AMOLED screen with a fast refresh rate! And it’s also based on the Qualcomm SD870 SoC, but you get 8GB RAM & 128GB storage.

There’s a 4400mAh battery & a 66W fast charging and mainly the camera comes with OIS – 48MP+13MP+2MP & the 48MP primary sensor has OIS with it.

Its price is around 400$ to 450$ but during offers, it’ll be available under Rs 30K, so if that’s your budget for a gaming phone, then do check it out.

If you want an all-rounder package, then you should look at #1 & #2!

OnePlus Nord 2 5G

OnePlus Top best phone under 400$

It has a 6.43” AMOLED screen with a 120Hz fast refresh rate. It’s based on Dimensity 1200 SoC that’s a 6Nm processor which is power efficient and it has 8GB RAM & 128GB storage with a 4500mAh battery & a 65W Warp charging.

Even the cameras include a 50MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup & the 50MP sensor comes with OIS, so if you look at all these features like Camera & its OxygenUI that’s combined with ColorOS.

But it’s one of the better UIs out there, so overall if you look at its package, then OnePlus Nord 2 5G is on #2 in our list.

Realme GT Neo 2

Realme gt neo 2

Realme Top best phone under 400$

It’s on #1 because overall it’s a good package & performance-wise it’s the best among all these phones and It comes with Qualcomm SD870 Soc with 8GB RAM & 128GB storage.

It has a 5000mAh battery along with 65W fast charging. It’s based on realme UI 2.0 & has a good UI as it’s on ColorOS and It has an in-display fingerprint sensor which is side-mounted in this price range.

It has a 64MP triple camera setup & its price is Rs 31-32K, but with discounts/exchange offers, it gets lower than 400$, so you can definitely look at this phone and that’s why this phone in my list is at #1, realme GT Neo 2.

So this was the best phone under 400$ and now you have to tell me whether you agree with our list or should the rankings be rearranged, do let me know in the comments.

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