What to Expect at Apple October Event: M1X, MacBook Pro s, AirPods, & More!

Friends, Apple’s Unleashed Event was live, I was watching it & as they were announcing it, especially about their laptops and they’ve literally unleashed a beast.

And they announced 5 products.

Apple Music

Firstly, they announced Apple Music’s plan but they reduced its pricing and Its price in the US is $4.99 but surprisingly in India its price has come to Rs 49/month!

It’s an individual plan, for Rs 50 you’re getting high-quality music supported by Apple Music.

HomePod mini

Secondly, their small HomePod Mini was launched but there isn’t much difference, but there are different colors added now – Yellow, Orange & Blue, So that’s all.

Its price is $99 US & in India, you get for Rs 9,900.

AirPods 3

The 3rd announcement was the AirPods 3, It’s essentially in the middle of the 1st Gen AirPods & the AirPods Pro and Its price is around Rs 18K & there 2-3 very interesting things like more battery life.

Now you can use the Buds for 6 hours & 30 hours with the case but moreover, its shape has changed.

They look more like the AirPods Pro so they look quite nice now and they’ve added 2-3 more features to it as well, Eg) It’s shaped according to your ear for a better audio feel.

So it adapts to your ears which is a good thing (Adaptive EQ), It supports Spatial Audio which will help with better audio quality & feel Also, it’s IPX4 certified also, and according to me, the AirPods 3 are quite good for the price!

The 1st generation AirPods are priced at Rs 12-13K. And the AirPods Pro is priced at Rs 25K, so it’s right in the middle & filled the gap.

M1 Pro & M1 Max

But the breakthrough I was talking about/what they’ve unleashed is their 2 chipsets The M1 Pro & M1 Max, but it’s the M1 Pro & M1 Max and it’s possible for Pro Max to launch too.

So the M1 Pro & M1 Max, If you listen about the M1, M1 Pro & M1 Max then you’ll know what if Pro Max arrives.

Because the M1 is based on 5nm technology & is very efficient, but it comes with 10 cores in it, where 8 of them are performance cores & 2 are efficiency cores.

Means they’ve paid more attention to performance more & if you compare it with last year’s M1 chipset, then it’s nearly twice (1.7x faster) so the M1 was already one of the fastest chipsets & now this is nearly twice as much faster.

The M1 Pro has a 16-core GPU & the performance I talked about was about the M1 Pro and If I talk about the M1 Max, it’s up to 4 times faster than the M1 chipset, that’s crazy if We talk about 20-30%, this is like 350-400% faster!

These are unified chipsets so their RAMs are generally different so here there are 2 option RAMs – a 32GB chipset that comes with it and 64GB, due to being integrated, the bandwidth you get is up to 400GBps in M1 Max, & you get 200GBps in the M1 Pro.

So out & out, there’s a lot of attention on performance & it has increased multifold, at the same time, having such a performance, the efficiency of these chipsets is crazy.

M1 pro & M1 max vs Intel

The CPU performance uses 70% less power and the GPU consumes 40% less power, which means even after giving 2-4 times more performance, it uses less than 50% power and if you compare it with our normal Core i7/i9 laptops, the performance is more than twice as fast.

And it’s even more efficient as it consumes less battery & gives more performance even compared to a dedicated graphics card on a laptop, it outpaces the normal traditional Windows laptops.

Friends, these are MacBook Pros, these chipsets will be on MacBook Pros, which I’ll talk about in a while.

They have dedicated encode & decode engines, meaning formats like ProRes can be encoded/decoded very fast and that’s why it’s a boon for video editors.

They can handle up to 7-8K streams at the same time and you can edit videos & render them properly without any issues.

MacBook Pro

Now let’s talk about their laptops, there are 2 different ones

There’s a 14.2” laptop & a 16.2” laptop which means both laptops have increased their sizes by 0.2” and yes that rumored notch is there and you get a Full HD webcam in it.

The bezels are very slim & the display is absolutely great, It has a Liquid Retina XDR Display with mini LEDs, Its ugly notch is big but the bezels are very slim and It has a 1600 Nits peak brightness!

There’s another added thing, The ProMotion It’s available in iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max & 120Hz fast refresh rate is present here as well on the MacBook pro.

It’s an adaptive fast refresh rate & you get 48/50/60/120Hz, according to the work you’re doing on it.

Ports & Buttons

All ports are present, there’s a Full HDMI port, a slot for an SD card & you get 3 Type C ports (Thunderbolt ports) for extra displays.

So for ports, there are all available ports that are needed for video editing or in a normal laptop, the previous generation’s MagSafe charging that needs to be stuck & not put in as its magnetic is available!

And for fast charging, you can charge through USB Type C without any issues and it charges up to 50% in 30 minutes so fast charging support is available.

The charger will be according to the variant you buy, so 67W charger for the base variant & 140W for the uppermost variant (1TB) so a lot of options with fast charging.

MacBook Pro 2021 price

So let’s talk about pricing the base variant (14.2”) where you get an 8 core CPU & 512GB storage, it starts at Rs 1.95L & the uppermost variant(1TB) goes around Rs 2.40L and you get a 10-core CPU on it.

And the 16.2” base variant where you get 16GB RAM & 512GB storage, starts at Rs 2.40L & the uppermost variant, with 8TB storage is priced at Rs 5.89L (Rs 5.90L) and, there are a lot of good things & the price is also “very good”.

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