Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Full Review Is Here

Xiaomi mi bands have been super popular thanks to their affordable pricing and overlord of features and this here is Xiaomi’s next-generation fitness tracker meets Xiaomi’s new mi band 7.

Xiaomi mi band 7 was recently launched in China (24 May 2022) and the global release is expected to be pretty soon so what’s new what does it have to offer let’s find out in today’s Post.


This is the box the mi band 7 comes in we have some of the highlights to the back all in Chinese of course because like I mentioned earlier mi band 7 as of now is only available in China that said it works globally with most things being in English so the experience isn’t compromised or anything.

Build Quality Of Xiaomi Mi Band 7

mi band 7 display

let’s talk about the changes from the last time around the mi band 6 it had a 1.56-inch OLED panel with a 326 pixels per inch pixel density now that has not changed the pixel density I mean the display has grown wider it’s 1.62 inches but Xiaomi claims 25 increase

overall it’s a very slight change though this is mostly with the width which is why if you see the vertical resolution it’s remained pretty much the same well the horizontal resolution has increased the max brightness is also up 500 nets up from 450 so it should be a little easier to see and use under direct sunlight.

When you increase both the brightness and the display size then you’re also going to be increasing the battery drain to combat this Xiaomi’s added an almost 50 higher capacity battery 180 mah from 155 the fact that Xiaomi’s managed to do this with just a single gram increase in weight that’s pretty commendable.

Always on Display of Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Btw they still promise two weeks of typical battery life and nine days with heavy use there’s a new setting here which when activated is gonna mess up the battery life and that’s always on if you plan on using this then you might end up with just three to four days on a single charge.

Now when always on it’s not gonna show the same brightly colored watch the face that you’ve said as default but it’s rather gonna be switching to something like this personally.

I almost never use it always on, fitness trackers since these days the race to wake it’s gotten so accurate that when I need to check something on the band I am usually able to but this is a feature that a lot of people wanted so I’m glad to see Xiaomi added.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Interface & Watch Faces

mi band 7 watch faces

Watch Faces in Xiaomi mi Band 7

The internals has also gotten an update and the mi band 7 is expected to be snappier than ever talking about which.

let’s take a look at what you actually get here this is your watch face press and hold here and you can cycle between the different watch faces cover it with your palm and the screen switches off or goes to always on.

You can also add more watch faces from the app you get a lot of new ones with Xiaomi claiming over 100 new available for the band 7. you can set them up here and switch between them on the fly from the mi band itself.

The interface of Xiaomi mi Band 7

swipe to one side and you can access the widgets you have set up for example here are Weather, music, status, stats, heart rate, spo2, and an alarm.

There are multiple levels to each widget for example with the weather I can tap on it to see more information including future predictions and the right at the bottom, I can swap to another city.

I have already set up this case in New Delhi and you can do this with pretty much every widget.

Notification and Sports Mode

Mi band 7 sports mode

For notifications, you swipe down and you can see all the notifications listed there to make sure you’re notified only when you need to be you can use the mi fitness app to select which apps can and cannot send you notifications.

Now swipe up from the home screen and you get access to more of what you can actually do with this tracker one major change here is with the workout mode the mi band 7 can now track 120 different activities much more than what the six could do the common ones like running, treadmills, cycling they’re listed right here continue scrolling to the end to get all workouts in case you want to choose something not too common.

Settings and conclusion of Mi Band 7

The settings menu here has a bunch of options for you to tinker with you can make changes to the watch faces and the time and date format you can make brightness level changes and how long if you want the screen to remain on.

You can even tinker around with the always-on functionality to set up the wake undress trace parts activate and deactivate do not disturb mode set it for a preset amount of time or schedule it, you have the lock screen settings turn the battery saver on and off you can enable workout for your most common workouts.

It’s all pretty self-explanatory so with the mi band 7 Xiaomi is going the efficient broke route they’ve taken what’s worked so far as the size the pill form factor the replaceable strap the actual feature set the software etc and added polish and upgrades wherever needed like with the display size the battery capacity the always-on functionality adding more watch faces more workouts.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Price

The asking price of Xiaomi mi band 7 is 239 yuan (around 2,787 INR) for the NON-NFC version and 279 (around 3254 INR) for the NFC version Which includes support for payments the band 7 seems to be a very nice iterative upgrade does it have any game-changing additions like maybe a built-in gps to make it worth upgrading from a mi band 6 not really.

But if you do own an older fitness band or maybe you’re looking to buy your first the mi band 7 appears to be a very solid offering I for one can’t wait to see this hit more markets anyways I guess that’s pretty much it.


Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Release Date?

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is yet to be launched, But it will launch for sure!

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 price?

The asking price of 239 yuan (around 2,787 INR) for the NON-NFC version and 279 (around 3,254 INR) for the NFC version.

What is the newest Mi Band?

Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

Are Xiaomi bands worth it?

The mi bands are totally worth buying because their quality is nice and affordable.

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